Watts Didier

A blank canvas waits.

It waits not for lines, shapes or complex geometry. It waits to be filled with your wants, needs and goals.

At Watts Didier Architects this is how every project begins. Our creative and unique design solutions are first built upon our strong commitment to customer satisfaction before they are ever built upon a patch of earth. Your canvas waits. Let us show you how we capture your needs in every line that graces the pages of your design.

Fidelity Bank has a long standing relationship with Watts Didier Architects. They have managed four major projects for the bank and all projects have been handled exceedingly well, delivered on time as agreed. We rely on them for all our major facilities projects and can strongly recommend them.

Meg Anderson Executive VP / COO Fidelity Bank

Indoor Air Quality

1 May 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ha…

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